Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Some new finds

I have got my first stall this Thurs at the Sussex Country Brocante and I have to admit that I had a teeny tiny meltdown last week when I thought I didn't have enough stock to take.  I am also doing the Village-Vintage fair in November so I started to really panic especially as pickings had been a bit thin on the ground recently.  I was also feeling a bit daunted as it is my first fair at Wisborough Green and I will have a stand alongside many other stallholders who have been doing this a lot longer than I have.  I want to appear professional in front of my peers and that's why having the right stock is so important to me.  I want to look like I actually know what I'm doing!

To be honest with you, there is no rhyme or reason to my buying.  I literally buy what I love and hope that if I love it someone else will too!  I also think this helps you to sell the item as you are passionate about what you are offering.  This is very infectious and hopefully makes the buyer walk away happy and as enthused about their new purchase as you were.  I love putting an item with its rightful owner and one of my favourite sales was to a lady who bought an old French, early 1900s chocolate box from me.  She wanted it as a gift to her mum and she was going to add her own posh chocolates to the box.  I would have loved to have received that as a gift!  The thought that went into the gift is irreplaceable and I'm sure her mum felt very special on her birthday.

With all this weighing on my mind I went out on Sunday morning not really expecting much and still panicking that I didn't have much stock.  First impressions were a little disappointing and I expected to be done within 15 minutes.  How wrong I was!  As soon as I bought my first item, the treasures kept coming and my purse didn't stay shut all the way round the market!

My first item was this gorgeous handpainted french tole chandelier.

French Tole chandelier
Handpainted flowers on tin
The colours are all muted and faded just the way I like them and the candle covers are all wood not plastic.  A really lovely light for a country cottage.

As soon as I bought this I thought that the morning had been worth it as I was so happy with the light.  Little did I know that the vintiquing fairies were looking down on me and I was going to come away with a whole lot more including these:

Palest, softest green silk shades
Gorgeous vintage shades in the palest, softest green and cream. Quite shabby but I loved them.

1930s children's chair
British made label on chair
Original material
I found this gorgeous children's chair from the 1930s still with its original material.  It even has the original British Made stamp on it.  It is a really solid chair and I love the shape of it, really special.

1930s/40s moneybox

1930s/40s moneybox with cute graphics.

Blue and white plate
The softest leather gloves
Old chippy paint tin
Little silk shoes with mother of pearl buttons
Selection of gorgeous clothes
  The title made me laugh as did the chapter called the Strumpet vine!
 Two of my favourite finds:

1930s ceramic Pierrot figure
Vintage Ensign camera
And then finally my keeper find cos I love it so much is this gorgeous little mangle with the original decal.  It still works too!

Vintage toy mangle
British made too!
So there you have it a pretty good haul even if I do say so myself!

I don't know what I was worrying about and although I know I might not be able to find things as good as this every week, it gave me the boost I needed and now I can't wait till Thurs!

Hope to see you all at a fair soon :)


  1. Don't worry, your own taste and personality will come shining through.
    Also love the mangle

  2. I won't see you at this venue, so 'break a leg'. See you at Plumpton next month.

    Jean xx

  3. @Fabriquefantastique Thank you for your encouraging comments, I appreciate them very much :)

    @Shrimpton, Thanks Jean, I'll let you know how I get on. Really looking forward to seeing you at Plumpton and dolly is safely packed away!