Saturday, 8 December 2012

Roll up, Roll up, its a Faded Rose Vintage Christmas Giveaway!

Now I hope you are all sitting down because you are going to be stunned, stunned I tell you when you see what prize I have in store for you in my Christmas giveaway.  Before I begin though, let me tell you a story.  I am terrible at drawing, I have no artistic skills whatsoever.  When I was at infant school I remember the teacher giving us a choice of drawing or playing in the wendy house.  Never one to take the easy option even then, I decided to draw a picture.  The teacher gave me a huge piece of paper and I proceeded to draw the smallest bird you can imagine right in the corner.  I couldn't seem to draw any bigger which meant I got terribly upset because I couldn't do it (I was a VERY sensitive child) and so the teacher decided that it was probably for the best that I played in the wendy house which I did quite happily.

Then when I was about nine or ten I decided that I fancied George Michael  from Wham! and decided that I wanted to make a t-shirt with Choose Life on it just like his.

 I proceeded to get a plain t-shirt, a piece of cotton and a needle and started creating.  Why I thought a thin piece of cotton was the way forward I will never know, you couldn't even see it on the t-shirt.  Needless to say that plan was abandoned.

Throughout my school years I got by with no artistic talent and never really thought about it until I had to go for an open day at the Sixth Form College to choose A level courses.  We all got to choose what subjects we would like to sample but for some reason I got put in the Art A level class (you know where this is heading don't you although unfortunately no wendy house was available).  I'm sitting there with a class full of my peers when we are told that we are going to draw a skull of a sheep I think.  Not wanting to draw attention to myself I started drawing thinking 'who cares, just get it over and done with and move on.'  Which is what I would have done if the teacher hadn't decided to come round, stop at me and declare to everyone that 'I really had no idea had I.'  How outrageous I thought, he could have scarred me for life if I had actually been thinking about doing an Art A level but luckily I wasn't although I think I realised at that point that I was never going to have a career as an artist!

So I have basically never done anything since until last Thursday when some friends of mine suggested going to one of those places where you can paint the pottery.  I thought I'd go along and help them as they were making Christmas presents (not sure Mark would have wanted one of my creations for Christmas) but then decided, why don't I make a special little something to give away to one very lucky reader and follower of my blog and Facebook page to say thank you for all your support over the past few months.

And here it is, drum roll please,

A mug decorated by my own fair hand!  You'll be pleased to know that I didn't actually make the mug so there's no chance of the handle falling off.

That isn't the end of the story though as I decided to buy something from someone who really is artistic to put with the cup so not only will the winner get the mug, they will also get.........

............a fabulous recycled heart from the very lovely Viv from hens teeth.  I picked this out at the Vintage and Handmade fair last Saturday although it was hard to choose from all the lovely bits she makes.  I actually would like this for myself but obviously can't enter my own competition ;)

To be in with a chance to win my wonderful, fabulous work of art and Viv's delightful heart then please click on this link to my Facebook page and 'LIKE' my page Faded Rose Vintage.  If you don't have Facebook then please just leave a comment on my blog and I will put all the names together and ask my glamorous assistant, Mark to choose a name at random.

Paul Daniels and his glamorous assistant, Debbie Mcgee (who my dad used to fancy!)
Good luck everyone, I have my fingers crossed for you! xxx


  1. I am incensed that a teacher could make a remark like that in public

    1. I know! Luckily I had no intention of ever doing Art but someone else might have taken it very much to heart. Hopefully teachers have a bit more tact nowadays!

  2. They all laughed at Christopher Columbus
    When he said the world was round
    They all laughed when Edison recorded sound
    They all laughed at Wilbur and his brother
    When they said that man could fly.............

    But ho, ho, ho
    Who's got the last laugh now?

    You've painted a very sweet mug and you have a VERY artistic blog, trust in yourself.

    Jean x

  3. Very true Jean, I should remember that. Being artistic isn't just about how well you can draw, I would do well to realise that! xx

  4. Lovely post Fi, thank you for sharing your "artistic journey". As Jean says, you have a very artistic blog and a fantastic eye for beautiful things! Well done with the mug, it is gorgeous. Lizzie x