Friday, 1 March 2013

Getting ready for The Vintage Bazaar in Devizes

This Saturday 2nd March sees my first fair with The Vintage Bazaar.  They are at a new venue, The Corn Exchange in Devizes, Wiltshire and I am very much looking forward to this new experience.  I am not however looking forward to the 3am wake up call!  Luckily my friend Eve is coming with me and I'm looking forward to spending time with her, as long as I have enough sleep and she has enough food, we'll be fine!  As it is such an early start, I realised that I better start sorting out what I'm going to take with me.  Here are a few of the goodies that will be on offer

Wonderful 1950s nursery lamp.  American, handpainted and the cradle really does rock whilst playing a soothing lullaby.  Wonderful for a little girl's room.

Vintage 1950s wooden church hall sign.

I'll be taking some vintage French enamel letters.  Perfect for a whole range of projects.

Old apothecary jars.  I love their old labels and shape, perfect for display in a bathroom or as an alternative to a vase for a small posy.

Early 1900s french straw hat.  Not sure I'm going to part with this as I love it and it actually fits my head!  I just need to get an old hat pin to secure it.  Reminds me of hazy, summer days in a meadow.

Vintage French hat stands, handpainted.

Old French and Swedish Patisserie tins, perfect for tea lights and decoration.

Close up of pattern on tin
Close up of fluted edge
Old French seed pots found in a barn in France plus an old French green trug.

Finally French pots and French drawers.

Whilst writing this I'm seeing a theme, a French theme.  Anyone think I've got an obsession with all things French and faded!?

Really hope you are able to make the fair, there are some wonderful stall holders attending bringing  with them a wonderful array of items.  The doors open at 9.30am and its advisable to get there early.  Plenty of parking round and about too plus check out and The Vintage Bazaar for more info on shops and eating in Devizes.  Lots of vintage and antiques shops to visit after the fair.

If you do pop by please do come and say hello :)


  1. If I didn't live in Ireland I'd be there! And I'd probably snap up your entire stall! Beautiful items! Hope you do great...
    Sweet Auburn Life...

  2. Hello Sweet Auburn Life!

    Thank you for your comment and what a shame you live all the way in Ireland because it means you missed out on a really fantastic fair. So many beautiful things to buy that I had to be very restrained!

    Maybe you could take a trip over here and plan it so you can visit a few fairs whilst you're here. There are so many and you could work it so you are able to visit ones that aren't too far away from each other and fit several in. Only thing is you'd need a big suitcase to take it all back!!

    Maybe see you at a fair one day :)

  3. I would love to!! It's actually something my husband and I talk about, we have been threatening to do it for a couple of years now, maybe this year! I suspect I would have to hire a van though!!

    The fairs in Ireland are just not as good, although I managed to pick up a few trinkets on Sunday at a local market, maybe come over and check em out. Would welcome any suggestions about the stained glass!