Thursday, 2 May 2013

Some new finds for the Brocante Antique and Decorative Fair

I haven't done one of these posts for a while and thought now was a good a time as any especially as I am getting ready for the annual Brocante Antique and Decorative Fair.  This year it is being held in the beautiful surroundings of Nonsuch Mansion in Cheam, Surrey and it promises to be filled with everything your vintage and antique heart desires.

The fair is actually next Thursday 9th May and you can still get advanced tickets by going to the website, Nikki Page Antiques.

So with the fair in mind I've been out buying and thought I'd share a few of my new finds with you.  I have to admit to being slightly apprehensive about the fair and whether my items will be good enough, if I sell anything etc.  After talking to a few of the other stall holders I realise I'm not alone in my worries and it actually helps to know others are feeling the same way so you can support each other.   Due to the way I had been feeling I have to admit that I had been buying things that weren't really me so no wonder I wasn't feeling confident!  You should always buy what you like and not what you think you should buy because 9/10 times you won't be able to sell it easily as you don't have the passion for it.  Obviously everyone needs to make money and sometimes I might buy something that isn't really me but I know there will be a profit, I just don't want to be doing that all the time so everything I'm selling isn't really me!

After giving myself a good talking too, I went to Kempton this week with a renewed vigour.  I thought sod it, I am literally just going to buy everything I love so I did and I am very happy with my decision :)

Old french faded pink watering can

Ok so after just saying these are things I found at Kempton I put a photo up of something I actually purchased from France and it isn't actually going to be for sale.  I received it Tuesday, opened the package and literally swooned, it is just so damn pretty.  It is also a mini size child's version which is even better and will make a great display piece.  The old green stool in the photo I did buy from Kempton but again isn't going to be for sale, it will be a display piece (I'm seeing a worrying trend here is ANYTHING actually going to be for sale?!)

Vintage roller boots

These will be, a pair of vintage roller boots with wooden wheels.  I just thought they were a bit of fun and a great display piece.  Not sure how safe they'd be to actually use!

Antique French fabric box

A huge old French fabric box found its way home with me.  I was walking past the hall to go to the outside stalls, saw this at 100 paces through the window and 30 secs later it was mine.

Vintage toy panda

I saw this little fellow stuffed in a bucket and there was no way I was leaving him there.  Full of character and a little bit sad looking.

At first glance this looked like a pretty green coloured vintage box, not very exciting but open it up and its full of old hymn numbers.

Baa baa white sheep

I thought this little lamb was so sweet and very pleased with myself until I showed Mark and he said and I quote "What the hell is it?"  I'm thinking at this point what the hell is wrong with YOU, it is clearly a lamb!

Pretty old French feather filled cushion.  Such a lovely pattern that's hard to find nowadays.

Bit of a different buy for me but I thought it was really interesting.  An old violin case with bow, strings and cushion and a wonderful, sumptuous red velvet lining.  Great display piece again.

Vintage parasol.  It made me think of summer, the seaside, sunshine, picnics and good times, I had to have it.

Old music hall poster.  I loved the graphics on it and thought it would look great displayed on someone's wall.

 A vintage mannequin which is half the size of a normal one.  I loved the size of it and the graphics.

A little French pale pink jug and bucket, so cute and so rusty but adds to their charm and the flowers look lovely in the jug.

Mini mangle
Daddy mangle
I managed to get a mini mangle and a bigger Triang mangle, I think these are great and have a mini one in my cabinet.  I especially like the fact that the little one is all wibbly wobbly, gives it a certain charm.

And finally this pink enamelled jug which I bought from Judy from All things vintage and beautiful. It is so beautiful but its staying right here with me as I love it so much! 

An eclectic mix but I really did buy with my heart this time and loved every minute.  It made the experience so much more enjoyable although I have to say parting with these treasures is going to be hard!

Really hope you are able to make the Brocante, there will be 50 stalls all selling beautiful items in wonderful surroundings and as always please do come and say hello :)


  1. thats what I call a good day out. Agree,the only question I ask is 'do I love it' though truth to say some time the price helps...

    1. I completely agree, the amount of times I've picked something up because I love it and put it straight back down again because of the price. You need a combination of heart and head!

  2. Lots of lovely treasures Fi, looking forward to catching up with you next week. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jo xx

    1. Thanks Jo, not quite as nervous as I was but that will probably change next week! Really looking forward to seeing and your treasures next week.xx