Saturday, 21 June 2014

The story of a Jiffy bag addiction.

I have a strange addiction to collecting jiffy bags and cardboard boxes.  Every time I get something in the post I keep the packaging.........just in case.  The fact I don't send anything in the post so don't actually need 100 used jiffy bags or 50 large cardboard boxes doesn't come into it. I also like to collect tissues and ALWAYS have one about my person.  I don't like the tissues you get in handy pocket sized packets as they're too smooth so I always seem to have varying sizes of loose tissues in my bag, in my pockets, up my sleeve, shoved under my bra strap.  It's a habit Mark hates but I just can't stop!  Anyway to help with the jiffy and box addiction I decided to go cold turkey and throw away ALL the bags and boxes in one go. Mark had to lend a hand otherwise I would have kept my favourite ones and been back to square one.  Whilst sorting the bags out I came across an envelope which contained 5 old French prints that I bought ages ago and completely forgot about so not only do I have more room and no longer have to climb a mountain of jiffy bags to get into bed but I found some forgotten prints that I love and am looking forward to framing and hanging. A win win situation although the tissue situation is still very much the same :)

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