Saturday, 25 April 2015

New Etsy shop update - lots of faded antique French treasures and vintage dolls.

I've been working hard today to update my Etsy shop with some lovely old finds all from my own collection.  There are a lot of antique French finds but also some of my 1960s dolls that I started collecting about 10 years ago. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere to display them so have decided to sell them on for someone else to enjoy.  I will post a link to all the items so if you see anything that takes your fancy then just click the link and it will take you straight to that item.

Fabulous 1960s Twiggy Big Eyed Pose doll.  These dolls were made in Japan in the 1960s to display the fashion of the time.  They are wonderful, quirky dolls and I always dreamed of opening a shop one day and using them in my window display.  These are rare dolls especially in this condition and style.

1960s Twiggy Big Eyed Pose Fashion Doll

1960s Twiggy Big Eyed Fashion Pose doll 'Jill'

1960s Twiggy Big Eyed Fashion Pose Doll

1960s Twiggy Big Eyed Fashion Pose Doll

Now for my French fancies!

Gorgeous Antique French Sedan Chair Display Vitrine. Perfect for your Mignonette doll displays.

Antique French Jewellery Box with original key.

Antique vintage cloth mannequin hat wig stand.  Great patina and display.

And finally.........

So there you have it, a few more treasures for you to peruse.  I'm hoping to add more next week as I am downsizing my collections (reluctantly I might add!) as we have recently decorated and there isn't room for them all to be displayed in the manner they deserve.

Hope you see something you like, FadedVintageRose :)

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