Thursday, 2 August 2012

My time at the Village Vintage fair

7th July 2012....My first ever Vintage Fair!

I am an avid collector of stuff!  So much so that it had got to the point of either my Husband moves out or I sell some of my 'bits'.  My husband won this battle (for now) and I decided that I needed to take the bull by the horns and sell for real at a proper vintage fair.  I have dabbled in Ebay over the years and whilst its a great selling tool, what I really wanted to do and where my passion lies is in vintage fairs.  I love going to them and seeing and touching all the lovely things on offer so why not sell at one too?

I had been to a Village-Vintage fair last year and knew that this was the one for me.  It encompassed everything I love, vintage, faded treasures, cake and tea, what more could a girl want!  So I sent of my application form and waited till the big day.  Luckily I have a very helpful and understanding husband, Mark, who helped load the van (I had a LOT of stuff) and came with me for moral support.  Once we got there, the nerves kicked in and I nearly turned round and walked straight back out.  I was with the professionals, whose stalls all looked so gorgeous and beautifully staged that I felt like an imposter.  However everyone was so incredibly friendly and helpful that I soon got in the swing of it and had the best time.  I met and spoke to the other stallholders, who like me all seem to have a real passion for what they do and love the items they buy.  The general public were also very friendly and it was a real pleasure to see people buying things that they really loved and to see the enthusiasm for their purchases.  Even though I had lived with my treasures for so long and I found it really hard to let go, knowing they were off to a new home to be enjoyed made the parting easier (I can be a little dramatic at times!)

My stall

Another photo of my stall!

Gorgeous original 1930s french peach mirrored frame

A couple of Japanese 1960s pose dolls

French fabric boxes and french frames, J'adore!

I have to admit that whilst I sold quite a lot of stuff, I also bought some as well even before I'd actually made any money, whoops!  My favourite being a very cool laundry box that came from an Eastbourne Launderette.  I'm from Eastbourne so it had sentimental value to me and it looked really cool!  I bought it from Jean at liked Jean the moment I met her and knew that she was a lady after my own heart.  She sells lots of vintage and retro items and I hope that I meet up with her again, she's got good taste!

My new laundry box

I love the fact that the phone number only has 3 digits!
 I also met Lizzie aka The Washerwoman and bought a couple of bits from her including this super sweet little green stool and a gorgeous French mirror with its pretty flowers and pretty screw covers.

Little green stool and oh so pretty mirror

Close up of the pale blue fabric flowers on the mirror

 I came away from the fair feeling very pleased with myself that I had finally plucked up the courage to do something I love.  I met some lovely people, bought some fabulous things and sold a little too (husband is safe for now!).  In fact I was so inspired that I created this blog, came up with the name Faded Rose Vintage and can't wait for the next fair...............This could be the start of something big!


  1. Something big indeed. Don't forget to let us know where and when you will be selling next. I think my leggy doll needs a friend.

    Jean x

  2. looks like you are off to a good start.

  3. I love the way you group and set out your wares Fi, it makes everything look so pretty and inviting, especially like the books tied with ribbon and the mirrors-Hope to catch a show when I am in the UK- lots of love on the new venture xxxxxx Fiona and Justin :)

  4. Finally caught up with your blog-posts.. it has been a busy Summer! Lovely to see you on Saturday. Lizzie x