Thursday, 27 June 2013

A day out with the girls

Now, you may or may not know that I have a certain passion for collecting cloth dolls.  Not just any old doll but a certain kind called Roldan Dolls.  They were made in Spain in the 1950s/60s as tourist dolls and each has its own character.  The dolls are highly stylised and each have their own accessories and I would say, personalities.  It was because of this that I decided that it would be a great idea to take them out and photograph them as though they were on an outing somewhere.

The main character in this sequence of photos is Finoula Bucketwash who likes to drive in the countryside in her classic car with her beloved pooch, Alfred. 

Before she set off, Finoula wanted to make sure everything was tickety boo with the car so she took it to the local garage for a service.

Bert the mechanic (who had a little bit of a crush on Finoula so liked to look smart for her) was happy to service her and said that everything was fine although it maybe an issue that the car had no wheels.  Finoula didn't care about a tiny detail like that and off she went.

As she was driving along she saw a lonely hitchhiker thumbing a lift.  Heidi the hitchhiker had made her way to England all the way from Germany and she had one last little bit of her journey to go. Hoping Finoula would take pity, she stuck out her thumb and.............

........watched as Finoula just drove on past.  Finoula didn't like the look of Heidi the hitchhiker especially as she didn't approve of smoking.  She didn't want Alfred exposed to any unnecessary bad habits.

On she drove leaving Heidi at the roadside.  During her drive she came across........

........some cows in their shed and........

........some horses in their field.  Alfred loves horses and cows and barked his head off when he saw them, woof, woof, woof.  Despite the car not having any wheels, Finoula managed to make it to the tea rooms........

........where she enjoyed a cup of tea and a flapjack.  Alfred was allowed a dog biscuit which he gobbled down and thoroughly enjoyed.

After tea, Finoula set off again towards the church.  In the distance she thought she saw her dear friend Betty.

Betty had been enjoying a stroll in the  bluebell woods with her faithful hound, Henry. Betty got to the gate of the church........

 ........where she thought she spied Finoula.  "Finoula, Finoula, is that you Finoula?" she called.

Finoula skidded to a halt, " Betty!  How marvellous to see you" she said

They stopped and chatted for a while until Betty suddenly exclaimed " Finoula, don't turn round now but you'll never guess who just walked out of the church..............married!"

"Only Jemima and that awful, dreadful bore of a man Cuthbert.  Now you know I'm not one for gossip but I hear he's rather partial to a lady's undergarment". On that statement, Betty turned, gave one last close up look at the happy couple and waved goodbye to Finoula.

Finoula was somewhat appalled by the thought of Cuthbert enjoying a too familiar relationship with a lady's undergarment so she too made her escape by carrying on driving through the country lanes.

Just as Finoula was driving along, a heavily pregnant Cynthia stepped out of her cottage with her darling little boy,  Tarquin.

Finoula being the good friend she is, stopped to offer Cynthia a lift

Cynthia decided that because the car didn't actually have any wheels she may be better off walking.  That and the fact she didn't want Tarquin pulling Alfred's tail.

With a toodle pip, Finoula set off on her way back home already planning her next trip, this time to the seaside.

The end.

All words and photos ©Faded Rose Vintage 2013


  1. I've been waiting for this post and I must say it's worth the wait. Tremendous Fi. What a great gaggle of gals.

    Jean x

    1. Oh there's PLENTY more where they came from Jean! I'm glad you like them, I thought you would. I have the seaside story to do next and also a Wimbledon one. The main character in that one even got to meet Andy Murray!


  2. Fabulous post Fi, you should think about doing a childrens book with them. Particularly love Cuthbert whose partial to ladies undergarments!
    Jo xx

    1. Well funny you should say that Jo.....Definitely something I've been thinking about and I have plenty more dolls so the possibilities are endless. I would so love to write a children's book based on the dolls, don't think Cuthbert and his partiality to lady's underwear would be allowed to be included!


  3. Defo one for a book Fi. Absolutely brilliant! Lizzie x

    1. Thanks Lizzie! They are so much fun to do although Mark doesn't think so when he's holding them for hours!

  4. I loved it!!! It was perfect Fi :) reading this is the way into my soul!! I'm partial to Alfred myself!! of course!

    Sally x x x

  5. This is a lovely way to show off your dolls! I have just one, a girl running away from home. (I assume she is running away as she has a bundle on a stick. She also has her dog, her tennis racket, a bouquet of flowers, her hatbox, her suitcase and an umbrella!)

    1. Thank you Dorothy! I just love Roldan dolls because of their detailing and they are so much fun to take on trips. I love the sound of your girl as I don't think I've seen her before. If she ever goes on a trip, I'd love to see photos ;)