Sunday, 22 December 2013

Merry Christmas one and all!

This will be my last post before Christmas so I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a fabulous New Year!  

Next year I am going to concentrate more on my blog and start writing again as I have missed it.  I have been having fun creating little scenes to photograph for Facebook but that means I have sadly neglected my blog so next year things will change.

Having photographed said scenes I thought I would share some of them here for you to enjoy too.  I am normally a bit of a bah humbug when it comes to Christmas and just about put a tree up .  This year though I've become a bit obsessed and started creating lots of little Christmas scenes all round our home.  Never mind that it now looks like Santa's grotto due to all the fake snow flying around at least it looks festive!

It all started when I bought a little snowy cottage from my friend Simone at Ayres & Grace.  She had handmade it and I loved it as soon as I saw it, I want to live there. It gave me the idea to create a wintery scene and it went from there, there was no stopping me after that!

She then made the snowman to accompany the cottage and I added the background, fake snow, robin and little street lamp.  After completing the cottage scene I then came up with the idea to create an ice rink on a frozen pond.  Considering I never make anything myself I wasn't too sure how it was going to turn out.

Fake snow was involved again and I used a mixture of new and vintage accessories.  Doing these scenes has opened up a whole new world to me, Dolls House Miniatures.  Oh my goodness there is literally ANYTHING your heart desires!  I enjoyed doing these scenes so much that I have discovered you can actually take part in miniature workshops to learn how to create these scenes.  Guess what I'm going to be doing next year ;)

Then along came Father Christmas who was checking his postbox to see who had sent him a letter and whether they had been naughty or nice.

Christmas isn't complete without a production of Swan Lake.  Not sure where the reindeer appear in the original version of Swan Lake!

My Christmas angel.  He doesn't look too impressed with his new angel wings.

"A fairy is for life not just for Christmas especially when there's a cat involved" Faded RoseVintage 2013.  My beautiful Queen of the Fairies handmade again by Ayres & Grace.  Her name is Mildred and she is always with her faithful companion Tabby the cat.

My favourite one to create was this: 

 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro' the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse'

The idea came after I bought the beautiful fairy fireplace from Jane Chapman at Fairy Furniture.  I then added some dolls house miniatures, printed the wallpaper and flooring and asked Jane if she could create a bookcase to complete the scene.  She even made me a mini book of the Night before Christmas.  I love this scene as it allows you to believe that Father Christmas really does exist!

I am looking forward to sharing any new adventures with you in 2014 and I would like to say a HUGE, GREAT BIG THANK YOU to everyone that follows and supports my blog, it means a lot

On that note I will say

'Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night' xxx


  1. Very merry christmas Fi and all best wishes for a happy, healthy, exciting 2014.
    New adventures due all round I say.

    Jean xx

  2. And to you Jean. 2014 is looking to be the year of new adventures, can't wait to see where they lead us!

    Lots of love
    Fi. Xxxxxx

  3. wow Fi, I love these scenes..especially those skaters.. (green with envy!) Lizzie x

    1. Thanks Lizzie! Skaters were a lucky eBay find but they were made by a firm called Barclay from the 1950s I think. I've just discovered a whole new world of dolls house miniatures so am looking forward to creating more scenes next year. This could be expensive! Xxx

  4. Oh Fiona these are all so lovely... what a breathe of fresh air you inspire me. Your blog always makes me feel warm :o) x xx

    Sally x x x

  5. Thank you Sally :) My husband went away on Boxing Day so I had a week to myself thinking up more scenes, not sure he was expecting to come home to find me planning a murder! (not a real one I hasten to add although......!)

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year and I'm hoping to come to one of your open houses this year, that was my resolution!