Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Cinderella called, she wants her slipper back!

Just before Christmas I went for a little mooch round a local antiques shop.  I didn't find very much until my eyes were drawn to a dusty old windowsill out the back of the shop and there it was, Cinderella's shoe!

Sitting all alone on that windowsill was the most beautiful and delicate silk shoe.  Apparently the owners of the shop own a rag yard in France and this was found in a cupboard.  I'm not sure how old it is.  They thought it was 18th century but I don't know enough to confirm this.  All I know is that I would barely be able to fit a toe in it!

It is quite long and very slender and looks to me as though a very well to do lady would have worn it.  It's in a very fragile state now but the fact it's survived is wonderful.

Finds like this are terribly romantic for me as it let's your imagination run riot.  Who would have worn it? When would they have worn it? Why is there only one?

Such a lovely find kept safe under a dome now where it waits for the Prince to come and return it to his Cinderella :)

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