Monday, 17 September 2012

Look what I've got.............

........ my new flyers!

I am very lucky in the fact that my husband, Mark, is a graphic designer and has helped me enormously by turning my visions into reality.  I'm not the easiest of people to work with as I have very specific ideas on how I want things to look, a Designer's nightmare!  Anyway after a couple of false starts, we have created this blog and something I'm very excited about, my flyers.  The flyers were hard to create as I wanted to get across what I'm about but everything I liked just wasn't working.  In the end I found a picture I'd bought from France, Mark worked his magic and the first side of my flyer was born.

First side of my flyer
 We then discussed what should go on the back of the card and we realised that to really get across  who Faded Rose Vintage is, we had to include the items that I buy and love.

Second side of my flyer
Mark had already taken the photos which you can see on my other posts and we included these on the flyer.  I think it works really well and as I am a happy wife, Mark will have a happy life!

Whilst designing the website and flyers I realised two things.  A.  I'm not always right and B. I'm not always right!  As I said I have very exacting ideas that don't always translate onto paper no matter how much I want them to.  Luckily, after a few 'discussions' we got there and created something I love and am very proud of.

Thank you Mark for making it a reality!

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