Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Lovely new purchases!

I had some good news today and that news was that I have a pitch at the lovely Sussex Country Brocante Fair run by Lucy at Love Lane Vintage.  The fair will be on Thursday 4th Oct at Wisborough Green Village hall and runs from 11am to 4pm.  This will be the first time I've had a stall here and I'm very excited.  Its a gorgeous village location with a pond and several pubs to quench your thirst.  I attended as a buyer last Thursday and was very taken with it so as soon as I got home I emailed Lucy to book my spot!
With this in mind I thought that I had better check what goodies I had to take with me.  Well, I got side tracked and instead ended up taking photos of some newly acquired purchases that will probably never see inside a village hall, marquee or sit on a trestle table, as no doubt I won't be able to part with them!  Anyway I thought I'd share the photos and who knows some of them may be at a Village Fair soon.

Very pretty and practical set of filing drawers

Close up of pattern

I bought these pretty and oh so practical drawers at the Sussex Brocante fair from Theo and Bernice.  I'd seen them on their Facebook page and had hoped that they would be going to the fair.   I hot footed it over to their stall and low and behold, there they were in all their shabby chic vintage glory!

Display cabinet
This was my second purchase from the fair and I had had no idea that morning that I was in the market for a display case but I clearly was and I snapped it up!  It will come in very useful for fairs and it also needs a little bit of a tidy up which I'm going to try my hand at.  Maybe I'll add restoration to my skillset.

Faded fabric box

treasures inside the fabric box
I have a 'thing' for fabric boxes.  Can't get enough of 'em!  Whenever I see them I have to buy them and this was no exception.  I bought it from Louise at Faded Charm who sells a wide range of faded loveliness.  The shop is in Steyning which also has a very nice teashop The Steyning Tea Rooms.  I do like to indulge in a little bit of retail therapy followed by a more than substantial savoury cream.  Anyway I saw this box with its faded fabric and somewhat shabby appearance and fell in love.  It now holds some of my little bits and pieces.  I love to have a rummage in it every so often as I always seem to find things I'd forgotten about.  Its like Christmas morning when that happens!!

c.1900's faded fabric book rack and photo albums

Back of book rack
This has to be one of my favourite finds ever.  I love it and all its French faded charm!  It dates from the early 1900's and is a shelf holding 6 photo albums.  I've never seen anything like it and when I saw it, I had to have it at whatever cost!  I bought it on a well known auction website from Shirley at simply-chateau.  Funnily enough, two months previously I had found a photo album covered in the same fabric at an antiques fair.  As soon as I saw this, I knew it was fate and that it was mine!

Roldan hiker dolls

Close up of the Roldans

I have a large collection of Roldan dolls that were produced in the 1950s/60s in Spain as tourist dolls and couldn't resist this pair.  They are a little battered (obviously been hiking up rough terrain!) BUT they still both have their cigarettes which are normally lost.  I think these dolls are so evocative of the era and the fact that they have cigarettes just goes to show how acceptable smoking was in the 50s.  I couldn't imagine that happening now!  These will be going to the fair with me although parting will be a sweet sorrow!

Old man painting

'Where's the other half of my face gone'

 Finally, my bargain of a find although some may say he should be destined for the scrapheap!  I found this gentleman at Brighton Marina bootsale and had to have him even though Mark moaned and moaned and kept telling me it wouldn't fit in the car to try and put me off.  I'd already decided that Mark would be walking home with it if it didn't fit so there were no excuses! I know he is very battered and water damaged but he cost.......£10.  I couldn't walk away especially as I knew he'd fit in so well with the rest of my things (not that the rest of my things are water damaged and battered! :).  The frame is huge and made of gesso, painted gold.  It has a few nibbles but I love it so Mark lost that battle, he's staying put and guess who else loves him now!?

So there are some of my latest finds, I can't wait to see what I find next!

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