Monday, 24 September 2012

Au Reservoir!

Well Sunday was a bit of a washout wasn't it.  Luckily Saturday started well as I went to The Vintage Bazaar at Hartley Wintney (more of that in a separate post) and had a suuuuper time!  However I didn't buy anything.  Yes you heard me correctly, I DIDN'T BUY ANYTHING!  I was a little shocked by this myself and Mark had to ask if I was feeling ok.  Don't get me wrong, there was plenty I wanted to buy but I would have wanted to keep it all for myself and if I'm trying to start a little vintage business, I'm not going to get very far if I just keep all the stock!  Having said all that though, I did buy a tiny thing that was essential so doesn't really count (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Hand-painted sign on reclaimed wood
I bought this gorgeous sign to put on my stand when I do the fairs.  I just think its so pretty and will add a certain something to the stall.  It was ESSENTIAL I tell you!
Sunday was meant to be all about the boot sale and a vintage yard sale but the weather soon put a stop to that.  I was very disappointed and actually started getting a bit twitchy as I hadn't bought anything all weekend (I am NOT addicted).  Before you start feeling too sorry for me though, I had  bought a few things during the week which WILL be coming with me to the Sussex Country Brocante.  To counter the twitchy feeling, I thought I'd take some photos and share with all of you :)

Little Victorian tureen and dish
First up is this very sweet tureen which comes with its own little dish.  Its a lovely faded blue and white colour and is a perfect size for a bedroom or bathroom to keep all your unmentionables in.  I bought this in a little shop in Shoreham and had only gone in for a 'You can look but don't buy' browse and came away with the tureen and this:

Georgian Print in original frame
A lovely little Georgian print in its original frame.  It is just so charming and I love the
subject matter.  The frame is in amazing condition for something that is over 150 year old
and I couldn't resist.

French fabric box and trims
Next up was this French fabric box full to the brim with trims.  I'm not sure why but everything I seem to have bought this week is on a small scale as the box is diddy but still seems to be able to fit a lot in.  As they say though, all the best things come in small packages!

1950s hat and Victorian photo albums
I actually found these a couple of weeks ago and forgot about them.  The hat is original 1950s with its original label.  The netting is still in good condition although the silk hat part could do with a bit of a clean.  Perfect accessory for your 50s outfit.  I did want to keep it but it doesn't suit my melon size head (My head doesn't look that big but hats just never fit or suit me!)  The hat is resting on 2 small Victorian photo albums.  One has its original clasp and both have their prettily decorated photo inserts.  They are a little 'timeworn' but look great stacked on a shelf.

1930s Art Deco mirrored clock
I absolutely LOVE anything that is 1930s, french and mirrored.  Luckily I already have a clock that is very similar to this that I bought years ago which means I am therefore able to let this one go!  It is so, so pretty and would look gorgeous anywhere.  I can just imagine being in a Parisian boudoir in the 1930s when I look at this.  I'd be so French and elegant and every man would want to marry me (yes I got all that from one clock!)

Vintage French fabric drawers
Finally I purchased this rather pretty and useful set of fabric drawers.  This doesn't make me think of Paris or all the men that wish to marry me but it does make me happy and that's good enough for me!

Until next time, Au Reservoir! Xxx

(The Au Reservoir is a Mapp and Lucia reference.  It was a very funny program set in Rye in the 1920s, I highly recommend you Google it!)


  1. Brilliant post.. love the Mapp & Lucia reference. Lizzie